Creating a Sacred Space

Having a sacred space dedicated to you is a beautiful way to self nurture. Creating a space where you can go to unwind and refocus is an important part of self development and spiritual growth.

Your sacred space doesn’t have to be fancy! It could be your bedside table where you have a collection of your favourite things, a journal where you can sit an write your thoughts, your favourite arm chair near a window where you can take some time to enjoy the view, anywhere you are able to take time to sit, relax, gather your thoughts and create a moment of gratitude. Mine is my home office where I keep my books, crystals, oils and oracle cards, I love to just go and sit in there and relax in the beautiful energy I have created.

The important thing with this is that your space is special to you, to take time out from your day and reconnect with yourself, for this will create an attitude of valuing who you are and how you are feeling.

Have fun with your own space! Fill it with whatever makes you happy πŸ™‚

Emma xxx