Crystals for Emotional Balance

As women, we go through quite a wave of emotions every month (lucky us 😉) and I love to have a few holistic helpers to get me through!!

Crystals are my main go to for all types of emotional support as they have such a beautiful soft healing energy. Crystals act as conduits for healing, so by focusing your intention on the specific area or on the emotion you are working with and choosing a crystal that directly relates to that issue, you are focusing positive intention and therefore healing the imbalance allowing positive energy to flow into the body as negative, dis-ease causing energy flows out.

Let’s look at a few of my favourite crystals for emotional balance for Women:

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and works well with balancing and healing anything related to the heart, relationships, depression, emotional trauma and sexual imbalances. Rose Quartz allows you to release emotional pain and opens the heart for you to be receptive to it’s beautiful healing energy providing reassurance and calm.

Rainbow Moonstone is my favourite gem for it’s potent goddess energy. Like the moon, Rainbow Moonstone reminds us that everything goes in cycles, and for women this is especially true. It has a balancing effect on our hormones and also balances our Yin/Yang energies. It carries within it a beautiful healing energy and is a wonderful stone for enhancing your intuition and the dream state.

Lepidolite is a wonderful stone for clearing any negativity and inducing a sense of calm. It is great when used for issues related to depression/bi-polar disorder, emotional trauma, nightmares, stress and addictions. It allows opening and rebalancing of all the chakras and clears any issues related to previous lives that may be causing problems for you now. This gem is also great when used during times of transition.

Being able to support your own emotional wellbeing is such a beautiful way to re-connect with your Self and bring into your life some gorgeous healing energy. How lucky are we to be gifted magical crystals from Mother Earth!!

Love Emma xx