My Favourite Tarot Decks + How to Choose the Right One for You

There are literally thousands, if not millions of different tarot decks on the market these days and for the beginner tarot reader I can imagine that it may be a little overwhelming when trying to pick the perfect deck!

My advice is to take your time and choose the one that ‘feels’ right, it’s all about using your intuition and letting the deck choose you in a sense, because after all tarot is a very intuitive practice.

Here’s my top picks for those of you who are just starting out on your tarot journey:

  • The Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck – This deck was first printed in 1910 and is the most widely used deck in the world, and perfect for beginners!
  • Angel Tarot Cards – This deck features Angel illustrations and is very pretty and well presented. This deck is great if you aren’t sure about tarot and would like to learn with a very positive and gentle deck.
  • The Good Tarot –  I really love this deck as it has very positive uplifting messages and rather than giving advice for the future, it gives you positive affirmations and messages you can use in the present. It is quite different to the traditional tarot, however in my opinion still just as good.

If you’ve been using tarot cards for a while and would like to add to your collection, I’ll share with you my favourite decks!

  • Lumina Tarot – This deck is my absolute favourite deck I have ever owned. The art work, symbology and the meanings in the guide book are amazing… my deck is very well loved! Click on the link in the title to see for yourself, it is worth the investment!
  • The Star Child Tarot – I have this deck on my wish list as I have heard many good things about it! The artwork it divine and I really feel a connection to it… and as I mentioned, intuitive feelings are your guide!

I hope this little guide will make it easier to choose a deck! Tarot is such a beautiful tool for self exploration and guidance, have fun with it and allow your intuition to blossom!