Blending Essential Oils – DIY

I love blending up my own roller blends with Essential Oils and once you have added a few different single oils to your collection it is super easy to start making up some of your own blends!

Lets go through some of the blending basics –

  • When blending, it is important to blend your essential oils before you put in the carrier oil. This ensures the oils are well mixed and create a more potent effect. I like to add my single oils first and then leave them for around 24 hours before topping with FCO (fractionated coconut oil).
  • It is best to keep your blends to no more than 5 single essential oils that have similar benefits and effects.

In the graph below I have shown the types of oils and added a circle diagram, if the oil groups in the circles touch, that means they will blend well with each other. For example the floral touches the spices and citrus, so they will match well with each other. This is a basic idea for when you are just starting to blend, once you have got the hang of it you can be more adventurous!

let’s talk about carrier oils! Carrier Oils are what we use to blend oils or to dilute single oils for direct use onto our skin. Choosing the right carrier oil for your specific use is important as not all oils are created equal and choosing the correct one will make all the difference!

Let go through the various options –

  • Avocado Oil is a great choice for extremely dry flaky skin.
  • Coconut Oil is perfect for removing makeup and using on dry skin, however this oil will clog pores and sit on top of your skin due the large molecules in the oil.
  • Grape Seed Oil is good for balancing, toning and smoothing your skin and is great for blemish prone skin. This is a great oils for use in roller balls and face serums for troubled skin.
  • Jojoba is nourishing for very dry skin and is a good choice for babies and sensitive skin types.
  • If you are using your eo blends for emotional support, FCO is a perfect option!

Something else that I always add to my blends are Crystals – I believe that crystals add a little extra healing energy to my blends and they look pretty too! Just make sure you do research before adding crystals to your blends as some are known to be toxic and can also dissolve when added to liquid. My advice is to do a google check on the crystal you plan to use just to be sure!

** Check out the graph below for the recommended eo amounts to use when blending. Have Fun!!!