Connecting with your Heart Centre

Winter has arrived in Australia and this time of year is the season of Yin or Feminine energy. It is a time of rest, receiving, letting go and being in the moment – being still to allow yourself to hear the quiet whispers of your soul. We can connect to our higher self / universe / intuition by quieting our mind and connecting with our heart centre before we start our day. An easy way to do this is to sit with your feet on the floor, breathing in and out through your nose and concerntrating on your heart chakra area. Feel the beating of your heart and imagine a beautiful rose quartz crystal glowing in your chest area, feel the warmth of the glow and allow it to grow around you. Imagine your feet have roots that are growing deep down into the centre of Mother Earth to ground your beautiful energy – continue this exercise for a few minutes before heading off to your day.

Now that you have that lovely heart connection, take note of any thoughts, feelings or signs that you notice throughout your day, this will be the quiet voice of your inner guide speaking to you. At the end of your day it is a good idea to pull out your journal and write down anything that came to you even if it seems silly, the more you do this the more you will be able to hear or see the subtle messages that are around you every day!


Emma xx